The Amazing Maxwell!

Captain Max's KidZone!


Bio Brief

Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, this former US Navy Diver, artist, comedy magician and illusion designer will be presenting his high energy program entitled “You are the Magic!”

Motivating audiences through laughter and audience participation, the Amazing Maxwell will make your associates the stars of his show.

Be prepared to enter a unique world of comedy magic and experience “reality” from a different point of view!

As a veteran of the stage for nearly 30 years, Maxwell has had the pleasure to perform for a diverse variety of companies, corporations and organizations.

Maxwell attributes his life’s work in the art of magic to three influential masters of the craft; Harry Blackstone Jr., Doug Henning, and Howard Thurston who coined the phrase; “Make sure they spell your name right!”

No matter how you spell Amazing Maxwell, It’s Guaranteed you will be!